Building a 21,000 sqm project in Bucharest Industrial Park, with Delamode as anchor tenant

AIC Industrial & Logistic Development to build a 21,000 sqm warehouse in Bucharest Industrial Park. The project includes the first «cross dock» space custom built in Romania, for Delamode

On October 11, 2016, we proudly announced the development of a 21,000 sqm A-class warehouse within the frame of our cooperation with Vabeld Group, through its Romanian subsidiary ─ Varoed, as investor.

The space is located within Bucharest Industrial Park ─ a reference in terms of logistical and industrial centers in Bucharest and surroundings, situated at km 13 on Bucharest – Pitesti highway, and offers a complete infrastructure, ready to accommodate high-end logistical and industrial operations.

The construction of the project, initiated in mid-September 2016, will be completed by mid-March 2017, the latest. The space will be dedicated to the storage and manipulation of general and ADR products. The project consists of two buildings. Warehouse S1 is a storage space with a total surface of approx. 18,000 sqm, 227 m long and 66.25m wide, an exterior height of 14m and interior height of 11,5m. Hall S1 will feature 22 loading docks. The second building within the project represents the first cross-dock warehouse ever built in Romania (unit build especially and specifically for Delamode activities), with a total surface of 3,459 sqm and 6m height. The latter was developed on the “built-to-suit” principle, being considered by Delamode a unique space in its category, in Central and Eastern Europe.

The whole idea behind the investment decision started from looking at the market trends and identifying an increasing request for express goods transportation, delivery of small parties (just in time), in a precise manner from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.

Delamode already rented, on a long term basis, a total of 10,352.9 sqm of the future project. Aside from the personalized xdock unit, the company will also use, out of Warehouse S1, 6,000 sqm storage space, along with 360 sqm office spaces and small annexes.

“We are delighted of Delamode has entrusted us with this unique logistic project and that we were preferred as developers from a pool of very qualified competitors. As far as the available space is concerned, thanks to the advanced negotiations with other potential clients, we plan to underwrite the current available surface well ahead the warehouse completion schedule (March 2017)“ shows Stefano Albarosa, CEO of AIC Industrial & Logistic Development. Regarding the future plans of the company he runs, Albarosa says: “Our capacity to meet new clients' requests will be considerably higher thanks to the new 31,000 sqm warehouse we plan to build as of early 2017. Thus, we will reach a 97,000 sqm total capacity, after a EUR 35 mln investment“.

“We proudly join high-quality projects, the best available in Europe present time, such as the one conducted by AIC Industrial & Logistic Development, our unique partner in Romania“ said Didier Kerckhof, Managing Director, Vabeld Group.

 “Regarding the layout, we have to say that this is a new concept in Romania and, by building this x-dock platform with an innovative design, we offer a 240 pallets / hour cross-docking capacity, with almost 18 trucks of different sizes in operation simultaneously. The daily usage of this platform is now of 15 hours / day, at a 75% capacity. According to our estimations, we hope to be using it at optimum capacity in the first 6 -9 months since kicking-off operations. The storage space in S1 has the initial designed capacity, namely 12,000 pallets, so as to best respond to market requests and provide our clients with high-quality services. We aim at storing general goods, but also special goods requiring ADR authorization or products needing a controlled temperature. In the projection phase, we took into account the scalability of the building, to be able to cover on long term 90% of the needed space in developing the two directions. Our investment in infrastructure and equipment is estimated at EUR 650, 000“explained Danor Ionescu, CEO Delamode Group.