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Our services

Our added value lies in the ability to integrate multiple and complex services and deliver turn-key solutions:



We identify investment opportunities tailor made to investors’ requirements and reflecting their risk/return appetite.

We are specialized in distressed assets and non-performing asset backed securities, but are active on land acquisition, development projects and income producing portfolios.

Within our team we have competences in project assessment/sustainability, legal, technical and fiscal/accounting we are therefore able, at very competitive rates, to assist investors in soft due diligence processes and provide them all it takes to make an informed decision on whether to pursue or not a specific project. When a positive decision is taken we can further certify our findings with third parties specialist able to deliver bankable documentation (i.e. PWC, NNDKP, Gleeds, etc).

Project financing is core to our business model. We can raise equity capital, mezzanine funding and bank financing at competitive rates for the RIGHT project.

We ourselves invest in projects in which we believe in and we constantly look for quality projects needing capital to be developed.

Once contracts have been exchanged and financing assured, we take care of all the operational steps needed to execute the deal irrespective of their complexity: from the property title transfer to the registration of the deal with all the competent authorities.

We are specialized in the development/construction of industrial and logistic properties with a record of more than 650.000 sqm  developed and delivered in Romania (> 30% of modern industrial/logistic area).

We currently have a portfolio of more than 200.000 sqm of prime industrial/logistic building under development. We have in house a development team with project managers for each of the projects under development.

Once built or purchased, we are glad to assist investors with property and facility management services subcontracting at very competitive rates.

We consider core to our business the identification and execution of exit strategies able to maximize the investor returns.

Once an exit strategy is identified and approved, we take care of its practical implementation: from finding potential customers to the exit deal negotiation and execution.